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The analytical side of Ligue 1 perhaps does not get the coverage it deserves in the English language, but that where Ligue 1 Analysis looks to change the game and give it the platform it has sorely lacked!

If you want the odd boring transfer rumour, view or opinion from an over-paid pundit, then there are a number of media publications out there trying their best to compete for your readership.

However, if you want the very best in tactical analysis from France’s top league in English and be given the top views from contributors with all the data required available to them, then you are definitely in the right place!

With the goal to teach and educate our readers, you, further in regards to the excitement that the Ligue 1 packs, we produce a regular number of articles to help give you the expert knowledge that everyone else appears to fail to give.

We breakdown upcoming fixtures with our match analysis to give you a sense of what to expect when two teams go head-to-head, whilst we also look to show you an in-depth analysis as to why such things happened once the game has been played!

We don’t just stop there, though, as we take a look at the team as a whole and provide a scouting report about their tactical approach and discuss how well (or bad) they do certain things and what aspects of their games they can improve in.

Of course, player analysis is just as important and we strive to give you a comprehensive breakdown as to what expect from an individual whilst also highlighting what they have been able to produce over a period of time or within a game.

Players might be the men running around the field, however that should not mean managers get to escape the spotlight and here at Ligue 1 Analysis, we certainly do not allow them to. Our head coach analysis articles look to pinpoint certain elements of their tactics and suggest why things have worked (or have not).

Of course, we still have the ever-reliable opinion pieces, but rest assured, ours are highly data-driven and supported by cold, hard statistics to help highlight any point being made by our team of authors.

If you feel you can contribute to what we are doing here at Ligue 1 Analysis, then why not apply to write for us?

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