Monaco are currently in fifth place in the 2022/23 French Ligue 1, with 33 points from 17 matches played. They are in a good spot currently and are looking to step up next season by being involved in European competition. This season in Ligue 1, Monaco’s form is good overall, with ten wins, three draws, and four losses. Monaco is currently ranked fifth out of 20 teams in Ligue 1 after winning 59% of their matches. Monaco’s home record is average with four wins, two draws, and three losses. And their away form is considered excellent as a result of six wins, one draw, and one loss. Monaco has scored a total of 33 goals this season in Ligue 1. Below are some stats depicting Monaco’s Ligue 1 season of 2022–23.

Monaco in Ligue 1

Monaco Ligue 1 2022/23 Data Stats Analysis

The above viz shows the percentile rank of the team in comparison to other teams in Ligue 1. It can be observed that Monaco are well ranked in the division. They are performing well in attack, with plenty to show for it. In terms of defence, Monaco are successful in putting high pressure on opponents. In the possession department, they are not able to maintain plenty of possession but are compensating in terms of key passes and final third entries. The team makes 32.92 positional attacks in home matches as compared to 30.33 in away matches. Additionally, they perform 2.92 counterattacks when playing away and 2.2 counterattacks when playing at home.

Monaco in attack

Monaco Ligue 1 2022/23 Data Stats Analysis

Monaco are currently in 5th place in the 2022–23 French Ligue 1, with 33 points from 17 matches played. They have won ten matches, drawn three, and lost four. They have scored 32 goals (25.2 expected goals (xG)) and conceded 23 goals (23.1 expected goals against (xGA)). In the above viz., it can be seen that they have made many attempts at goal from the six-yard box. They also have a few goals and shots on target from well outside the box. On average, they attempt 13.12 shots with 44.2% accuracy in their home matches this season. As far as their numbers in away games go, they take 11.36 shots per match with 40.6% accuracy.

Overall defensive numbers

Monaco Ligue 1 2022/23 Data Stats Analysis

Monaco’s defence has been strong this season, having conceded 23 goals already this season, with an xGA of 1.44 per game. The above viz shows the defensive territory of the team. It indicates that Monaco were involved in a lot of defensive actions in the defensive third. They have made 41.5 average interceptions. Monaco wins 49.9% of the aerial duels and 51.2% of the defensive duels contested per 90. Most of their defensive action comes in their defensive third and middle third. They have given up only one foul in the box. They make 12.88 fouls on average. They take on 71.73 defensive duels, winning 50.1% of them in their away matches, and 72.12 in their home games, with a win rate of 61.9%.

Best away performance in defence

Monaco Ligue 1 2022/23 Data Stats Analysis

The above viz is a representation of the defensive territory for Monaco for the Ligue 1 match, Reims vs. Monaco, in which Monaco won three goals to nil. The team makes 30 interceptions in the 90 minutes played and has a success rate of 48% for duels won. They also make crucial interceptions inside the box without conceding any fouls. They win aerial duels with a 51% success rate.

Most recent away defensive performance 

Monaco Ligue 1 2022/23 Data Stats Analysis

Most recently, Monaco played Auxerre away from home, winning the match three goals to two. The team makes 30 interceptions in the 90 minutes played and has a success rate of 43% for duels won. It can be seen that the team gives up one foul, which costs them a goal. In terms of winning aerial duels, they are successful in only 40% of the duels they attempt. It can be observed that the team has dropped off in terms of defensive numbers as compared to their form away from home at the beginning of the season.

Overall, Monaco is showing some strong performances this season. Recently, teenager Ben Seghir was the star as Monaco gave their push for European qualification a boost by winning 3-2 away at struggling AJ Auxerre. Monaco will be hopeful of pulling off some European magic this season to bring home some epic football action for their fans. They seem equipped for the same based on their current season so far. It will be a tough race for the club; a long run still awaits, and Monaco will have to stay in this marathon till the end if they are to achieve any benefits.

Visuals via TFA data viz engine